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 A.  The Art of Classic Toyota


* C-Auto Performance unmasks classified TOSCO (TRD)/ TOM'S/ TMC racing secrets in the past. The "very limited non-production" race engines:


-  Legendary 137e (3K-R'ace') by TOM'S/ TMC

-  Pioneer 100E (2TG full race high performance head) by TOSCO

-  The 126E (3TG with 8 plugs) by TOSCO-  

-  The 151E (2TG 16-valve head) by TRD

-  The 152E (18RG 16-valve, used in WRC Africa rally) by TRD

-  The 4T-GTE evo engine with 290hp by TRD

-  The 503E  'Peak Pikes' 1000hp engine(Most successful classic TRD engine)


* See our classic Toyota KE35 Corolla SR still on the tracks,  AE70 Coupe, TE72 Sports Coupe project and UP15 Sport 800 “Yota-hachi” restoration.    


* See TOSCO/ TRD parts strictly restricted in the past.  


* View the 151E homologation papers approved by FIA & TMC.


* Know the TOSCO/ TRD racing legends & the legacy in Japan and Europe from its original inception in the 1960s to 1970s & its glory days of World Rally Championship (WRC) in Europe and Africa.  TRD USA came later.


         A.1 The Toyota Racing Legacy                            トヨタレーシングレガシー 

*  We invite you to take a tour of our factual & research-based legacy of the TOYOTA RACING HISTORY on this website!  

*  Direct from the founders of Toyota Team Europe (now Toyota Motorsports GMBH), Toyota Team TOM'S & Toyota Team Europe History:


A)  Toyota Team Europe (TTE/ Toyota Motorsports GMBH)

 By Ove "Paven" Andersson (uploaded in Youtube by TwinTurboRS Dec. 31, 2010)



B)  Toyota Team TOM'S 
By Nobuhide Tachi & Kiyoshi Oiwa (by Hiroshi Miyazaki, Youtube upload by Chris Singh 7 Dec. 2007)
C)  Toyota Team Europe History (TTEH)
By  Erik Engen
Please click on the tab on the control panel:  "TTE History Document"  

       A.2 C-Auto Performance Classics

***Video: 2012 C-AUTO PERFORMANCE Racing Team Slalom Grand Prix


The winning time! 


 KE35 ex-Works Rally Car with 100e on a ND dry sump & TRD oil cooler system


 KE35 ex-Works TRD race prepped & revving @9,000rpm...



 C-Auto Performance Team at the 1st Toyota Fest Philippines in 2013 




 Philippine Autocross National Championship - Bonifacio Global City   




AUTOCROSS in good weather (Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines)


AUTOCROSS in all-weather race -  typhoon in Roxas Blvd., Manila




TOM'S Race Cars in shop display in Malaysia

B. The Science behind the Art:アートの背後にある科学                                          TOSCO/ TRD/ TOM'S/ TMC enginering that made Toyota known in racing circles worldwide:100e, 126e, 151e, 152e, 3k-r & 4t-gte!                                                                

    ***C-Auto Performance's 3K-R (137e) on display at Autocross event!***

At Old School Pilipinas request as invited by Phil. Autocross Championship


(uploaded in Youtube by Ryan Hayundini Sept. 2012)


***Another video of C-Auto Performance's 3K-R (137e) on stand revving 200hp! 

***Video of C-Auto Performance's 151e revving on stand 270hp!                                       

*** Video clip of TE27 #40 entry from Midnight Sun Rally 2011!!! 

   By Erik Engen (Chief, TTH - Toyota team Europe historic)


B.1 KP47 powered by 3K-R TRD/ TOM'S

***Video: Watch the POWER of the world-famous 3K-R..The Legend LIVES!!! 


B.2 The 137e (3K-R) & 151e engines:

 In 1973, TMC with TOM'S Japan spent USD20million to develop 20units of 3K-R

Below photo: 137e (3K-R)


Below photo: 151e

Above: Compare our TRD full counter-weighted billet crankshaft (lower) with standard 3T stroker.

B.3 Homologation papers of 151e engine by Toyota Japan   Courtesy of Erik Engen (Chief, Toyota Team Europe Historic)

B.4 Project Car UP15 Toyota Sport 800 "Yota-Hachi"



                                                  YOU BE THE JUDGE...

* C-Auto Performance is open to all enthusiasts who wants to verify the existence of our 137e (3K-R) & other rare TRD parts in our inventory in our shop in the Philippines.  You are all very much welcome!!!

* C-Auto Performance do races...vroom, vroom, vroom...not just blah, blah, blah!

                                           " We walk the talk "...(LOL)


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B.5 Worldwide accredited shipper via UPS Logistics & Thai Airways since 2005

* C-Auto Performance ship worldwide via UPS Logistics, Thai Air or other nominated carriers.




THE 137E (3K-R) TMC/ TOM'S